Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam

Parks & open spaces

Ho Chi Minh City and its streets are busy and crowded, so sometimes finding an open space brings the same joy as finding an oasis in the desert. Parks are abundant around the city, but there are also some other areas such as the botanic gardens and walkable Saigon South (Phu My Hung) in District 7.

Spots in this category
23/9 Park 23/9 Park Công Viên 23 Tháng 9 Phạm Ngũ Lão, D. 1 A well-known recreation park in the center of the city. 30/4 Park 30/4 Park Công Viên 30/4 Lê Duẩn, D. 1 A popular meeting spot for the city's young residents. Tân Cảng Tân Cảng A100 Ung Văn Khiêm, D. Bình Thạnh A spacious open area by the river with several restaurants. The Crescent The Crescent 101 Tôn Dật Tiên, D. 7 This is the social heart of the city’s new south urban area. Saigon Zoo & Botanical Gardens Saigon Zoo & Botanical Gardens 2B Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, D. 1 The city's zoo is one of the world's oldest, built in 1864. Đầm Sen Park Đầm Sen Park 3 Hòa Bình, D. 11 A green oasis with both amusement and water parks. Lê Thị Riêng Park Lê Thị Riêng Park 875 Cách Mạng Tháng Tám, D. 10 A large park in District 10. Suối Tiên Theme Park Suối Tiên Theme Park 120 AH 1 Tân Phú, D. 9 An entertainment area with a water park and an amusement park. Tao Đàn Park Tao Đàn Park 55 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, D. 1 A green oasis in the heart of the city with two sport centers. Hoàng Văn Thụ Park Hoàng Văn Thụ Park Công Viên Hoàng Văn Thụ, D. Tân Bình A large park in Tan Binh District close to the airport. Lê Văn Tám Park Lê Văn Tám Park Công Viên Lê Văn Tám Hai Bà Trưng, D. 1 A park in the North end of District 1 with lots of street food. Gia Định Park Gia Định Park Công Viên Gia Định Hoàng Minh Giám, D. Gò Vấp A very large park next to the airport. Monkey Island Monkey Island Đảo Khỉ Thạnh Thới, D. Cần Giờ An island with a national park dedicated to wild monkeys. Văn Thánh Văn Thánh 48/10 Điện Biên Phủ, D. Bình Thạnh An open area where you can eat, swim and play tennis.